i'm emily, a product designer in pursuit of impactful solutions to user experiences.
always curious.
never normal.
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DA&D New Blood Winner
Use your voice to help others find new and upcoming artists by voting on your favorite songs! Your votes will allow other users to find these unknown artist and help put these artist in the spotlight they deserve.
Operation Momployed (Coming Soon)
Case Study (UI/UX)
I believes that mothers can bring unimaginable value to the workforce. This case study on Glassdoor is focused on committing itself to help bring that motherly experience to companies that could use it.
Benji Birch
Case Study
A case study focusing on the research and design of a mobile app by Barclays. Your digital assistant, and friend who nurtures your mental health when digesting financial problems.
User Interface Redesign
A UI redesign of Funimation to help the users easily navigate and look for content. A more streamlined design that includes curated content, personalization, and a clean design system.
The Rising
Case Study
Creative Conscience Shortlist
A case study that inspires the next generation of female explorers. Support their journey with exploration and focus on diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors.
Wikipedia has a lot of potential but their design does not live up to its content. A popular informational platform that both students and adults use but people need a simple way to obtain information fast.
Budweiser's Weiser Moments
Coming Soon
Coming Soon