Case Study
DA&D New Blood Pencil Winner
Votify allows music to be more accessible to users and helps them expand their music library according to their personal tastes. Finally, both users and artists will have a chance to benefit more from Spotify.
My Role
UI/UX Design and Strategy
Copywriter: Victoria Jeon
Animator: Hasibul Islam
Figma | Photoshop | After Effects
February - May 2021
12 weeks

01 / The Problem

"Diversity is still nothing without inclusion."
Music apps are becoming oversaturated, leading to personal preference of their app of choice. Furthermore, people don’t share music as much as they share other types of content among friends because many people might be scared to share their music to others in case people might judge. 

02 / The Solution

The element of discovery: a new channel where people can vote on new unknown music.
Use your voice to help others find new and upcoming artists by voting on your favorite songs! Your votes will allow other users to find these unknown artist and help put these artist in the spotlight they deserve. You can now share your music without the judgement of others.

03 / The Research

Every new artist deserves to have the opportunity for recognition.
As Spotify houses more than 3 million creators and 40 million tracks, it is an ever growing library. But while Drake has 55 million monthly listeners, and Ariana Grande has 60 million, more than half of the creators have less than a million monthly listeners. These artists are often overshadowed, and do not get the recognition they deserve. 

Task Flow

Since the app already have so many features and spotlights, we created a task flow to help the user easily navigate through Spotify to find Votify.

04 / Visual Design

A shared community playlist made by the community.
With Spotify’s algorithm, the undiscovered songs are sorted into different genres for users to choose from. Each genre will consist of 10 songs from artists who specifically have less than 1 million listeners. After the users listen to the new tracks, they vote! By the end of the week, the artist with the most votes gets featured on the home page.


Our Votify weekly feature will be shown on the top section of the landing page so that it can be easily found. Once they click into it, they will notice different genres displayed. Users can choose a genre of their interest and begin listening to these unknown artists.


The genre they selected will consist of 10 songs from artists who specifically have less than 1 million listeners. Listen to tracks and find new songs and amazing artist you didn't know existed!


Once the users finish listening to the song of their choice, they are prompted to vote if they liked it or not. If they did like it, users have the options to share this songs! When they do share, Votify has also created a custom cover photo for them to use.


Since these are songs that people voted on, user don't have to worry about people judging their taste in music. Share with confidence knowing that other people like the same songs as you.

These songs and artists will be featured on a separate Votify page. This page will be full of the winners each week for users to check out.

05 / Design System

A cross-disciplinary product design community.
For this project, we kept the Spotify original interface with an addition of a new gradient for the Votify Weekly feature. This gradient consists of colors that represent diversity and inclusion.

06 / Reflection

My key takeaways from Votify.
Making this project along with 4 other ones during a pandemic didn't seem like a hard task, but after starting it, I realized that this seemed more difficult that originally predicted. HOWEVER, we pulled through and won an award for this project. I could not have been more prouder and more prepared for what the future holds.